Core Energetics uses energy, movement, breath and inter-personal relationships to create consciousness about who you truly are. You become aware of the ways in which you hold yourself back from living a deeply fulfilling life. One way we all inhibit ourselves is by blocking our energy - and our emotions - in parts of our body. By learning how to move the energy in your body, you learn to free your emotions (e-motions) and to get in touch with all your feelings. When you loosen these local blocks, your experience of your entire body changes. Clients say they have become more alive, powerful, joyful, daring… Core energetics is a creative, dynamic and very fun way for you to experience fully the creativity, dynamism and joy of your own life energy!

As children, we all made trade-offs. We hid or repressed certain feelings - like hatred or love, anger or spite - because we felt these would get us into trouble: we felt that we would not get the love, care or protection we needed if we expressed ourselves fully. We chose to cut off certain feelings, to limit our being, in order to preserve the relations to those we loved and depended on as children. Perhaps at the time we made the right decision. But today, as adults, if we continue to cut off our feelings in the way we did as children, we restrict our feelings and our aliveness in our present life. We miss out on the intense pleasure, excitement and joy our adult life might bring our way. So the first step in the Core Energetics process, is to confront childhood wounds and to learn to make a different choice. Now that you do not depend on parents or care-takers anymore, no trade-offs are needed: you can learn to be fully yourself, to express all your feelings, to let your impulses flow…if you chose to.


Core Energetics is a creative act that transforms the body, the emotions and the spirit, allowing energy to flow and consciousness to unfold. It brings each person in contact with the beauty and the dignity of the real self. It can also bring us into deeper, more honest and more daring relationships with our lovers, families, friends and others around us.

Core Energetics was created by John Pierrakos. In the nineteenforties, Pierrakos trained in New York as a psychiatrist and studied with Wilhelm Reich. With another of Reich’s students, Alexander Lowen, he developed Bio-Energetics using Reich’s concepts of energy and ‘character defenses’*. In 1964, he met Eva Broch, leader of the Pathwork. Under her influence, Pierrakos created Core Energetics, shifting his emphasis away from the analysis of the defenses, to the cultivation of the creative and the spiritual self (the core). This shift is also the main difference between Core and many psychological perspectives on personal growth: psychology focuses on the diseased parts of the self. In Core Energetics, the therapist relates to the client’s healthy core, not to his pathology.

The videos below show what Core Energetics can do for you in individual therapy, couples therapy and group sessions.

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Core Energetics for individuals – an oasis for the soul - more vitality and lust for life

Core Energetics for couples - solving relationship problems

Core Energetics in groups - find your place, solve fears in group dynamics