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Postgraduate Program and Masterclasses

The perspective of the Postgraduate Program is in the first place to become a better therapist and to have a deeper understanding of the themes you can offer. The training also has the aim to teach you how to teach. You will practice teaching by working (under supervision) with the whole community. With this experience you can find out if you have teaching skills. After doing this program you are able to serve as an assistant in the Core training program and to make your first steps to find out if you want to become a trainer.

An important part of the Post Graduate Program is the final project. Each student chooses a subject to reflect and expand his knowledge of some aspect of the Core Energetic process. The project is presented in a written and verbal or experiential presentation.

The program consists of five modules, each with a specific theme. The modules are also offered separately as Master Classes.

In each of the training modules you practice leadership qualities: taking risks, serving, tolerating negative transference, dealing with conflict, using your full potential and creativity, unselfish giving, maintaining proper attitude towards frustration and being willing to risk exposure and criticism.

Cooperation with Córpore Mexico

This Post Graduate Program is offered in cooperation with Córpore, one of the Core Energetics institutes in Mexico. Córpore also offers five post graduate modules. You can compose your own post graduate program of five modules by choosing modules offered by NICE and modules offered by Córpore. 

The way you choose your modules determines where you do your final project (thesis and presentation). If you do most of the modules (3 or more) with NICE in The Netherlands, you do your final project with NICE . If you do most of the modules (3 or more) with Córpore in Mexico, you do your final project with Córpore.

Please make clear your choices and plan in the enrolment form.

Modules offered by NICE

  • Spirituality | teacher: Erena Bramos
  • Life and Death | teacher: Jeanne Denney
  • Narcissism and Borderline | teacher: Anna Timmermans
  • Groups and Teaching | teacher: Lisa Loustaunau
  • Recovering from Trauma in the body | teacher: Dirk Marivoet

These modules were planned to take place in 2022, but are postponed till later date because of the uncertain situation due to the pandemic.

Timeschedule: Friday 10.00 h - Monday 16.00 h. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will work with the theme of the module. Monday is for casuistry. The schedule also includes community activities.

Find the complete curriculum here.

Modules offered by Córpore Mexico

Córpore offers these modules:

  • Dancing with your Demi-Gods and Demons | teacher: Erena Bramos
  • Core Energetics at the Leading Edge | teacher: Kuno Bachbaurer
  • Leadership and working with groups | teacher: Kate Holt
  • Working with Narcissism and Borderline disorders | teacher: Anna Timmermans
  • Love and sexuality in bodywork | teacher: Lisa Loustaunau

Follow this link to find more information on the website of Córpore


Spoken language is English


When you are interested to take (some of) the post graduate modules, we ask you to fill out the enrolment form and send it to us. After that we will invite you for an interview. This interview is also meant for you to ask your questions. Only after the interview you decide to enrol.


Program tuition per module: € 800. Meals and lodging per module: € 310-340 depending on room type. Prices are subject to change.