NICE offers a 6-day training for body oriented therapists to become a supervisor for students. 

The training is aimed at learning different supervisor competences/skills such as: having the knowledge of different views on supervision, creating a safe learning/working situation, learning to work with and recognizing of different phases of supervision, creating awareness of the internal dialogue, (non-verbal) transference and counter transference; identifying parallel processes; pitfalls, recognising dilemmas, ethics and boundaries; readiness to reflection and consultation.


  • What is supervision: definition of supervision within the body psychotherapy
  • Supervision as a learning process, context of the learning processes
  • Learning goals and phasing of the supervision process
  • Attitude and learning relationships / working relationships and the supervisor/supervisee relationship
  • Character structure of the supervisor and the supervisee
  • Ethics and boundaries
  • Reflecting / considering as an awareness-raising process of the self-assessing supervisor
  • Live supervising
  • Pitfalls and parallel processes
  • Body-oriented supervision techniques.


The training is meant for graduated body psychotherapists who work in a private practice for at least ten hours a week with four year ample experience in either the Core Energetic method or body psychotherapy. In connection with this training you should have one client as a supervisee. This supervisee may be a student of one of the training institutes or outside of them.  The essence is that the supervisee is being supervised on the dynamic aspects of accompanying (prospective) body-oriented psychotherapists.


  • Contribution of your own case studies, both oral and recorded.
  • Reading and discussing literature.
  • Reflection exercises through role playing among others.
  • Supervising one another and live supervising within the group.
  • Watching recordings (in subgroups).


It is a six-day training divided into three two-day sessions of seven hours each (42 hours altogether).  Each day attention will be paid to theory (literature), exercises/live supervisions and watching and commenting on the recordings made by the participant. The focus here will be on the theme of the day.

Presence: You will be allowed to be absent for not more than half a day. This is equal to three and half hours. These three and half hours will be compensated for by a substitute assignment.


Supervision is continuous “work in progress”, but it is to be expected that at the end of the training:

  • you will be able to shape a supervision processes.
  • you will be able to make a consistent and methodological approach.
  • you will be able reflect on different aspects of the supervision relationships.
  • you will be able to recognize dilemmas, (non-verbal) transfer and counter transfer, and parallel processes.
  • you will start action on a formulated style of his/her own (vision paper).

The ultimate review/assessment will be completed with an accreditation as a “supervisor body psychotherapist” and the issuing of a certificate.


The training is led by Gees Boseker and Achiel van Tienen. Both are Core Energetic therapists with wide experience in teaching and supervising. 


The training is given in Cordium in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


To enrol, please fill out the enrolment form and send it to us. You will be invited for an interview with the teachers. 


October 15 and 16, 2020
December 10 and 11, 2020
January 28 and 29, 2021


The training is in English. Only if all participants are Dutch speaking, the training will be in Dutch.


Literature: Hawkins. P&R. Shohet (2012). Supervision in clinical practice. A practitioner’s guide. Second Edition. East Sussex; Routledge. ISBN: 033524311-8.

Video camera, flash drive/USB drive, laptop  and lots of joy.


The costs of the training amount to €1500,- apart from acquiring literature.

Expenses for accommodation in Cordium: € 60,00 for two days (Coffee, tea and lunch on both days and dinner on Thursday).

You can stay overnight at Cordium at € 15 per night.