On this page you find workshops and courses organized by NICE and by other Core Energetics institutes or Core Energetics therapists.
The description of the workshop is in the language of the workshop.
The workshops organized by NICE are marked with the NICE-logo.


Op deze pagina vind je workshops en trainingen, georganiseerd door NICE en door andere Core Energetica scholen of therapeuten.
De beschrijving van de workshop is in de taal van de workshop.
The workshops die door NICE worden georganiseerd, herken je aan het NICE-logo.

One Day Introductory Workshop | November 14, 2020 | Nijmegen, The Netherlands | Language: Dutch/English

Theme of this one-day workshop: Images. You will learn about IMAGES and how they sit in your body and mind. Images are strong-held believes  that block your live energy and spontaneity. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about this theme, about yourself, and about Core Energetics. If you are considering to enter the 4-year professial traning or the 2-year personal transformation program, this day is for you! By Piet Jan van Wier and Marijke van Steen. 

The flyer is in Dutch. However, the workshop will be in Dutch and English when there are participants who don't speak Dutch. 

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International Supervision Intensive | December 4 - 7, 2020 | Nijmegen, The Netherlands | Language: English

In our field of working with the body, the transference is often showed in body language and behavior and not so often in words. Can you recognize the bodily signals and can you receive this without making it personal? Can you deal with erotic transference? Can you connect the clients topic to what you see in the body?  This Supervision Intensive is designed for certified body-oriented psychotherapists with at least one year of clinical experience, who want to participate in an exchange with other therapists. 

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One Day Introductry Workshop | December 11, 2020 | Westelbeers, The Netherlands | Language: English (and Dutch if necessary)

Theme of this workshop: I can’t, I won’t, I will - How to overcome negative intentionality. Negative intentionality is the deliberate will to be negative and not to contribute to life. Most people are not aware of this inner dynamic. This NO to life is often connected to a childhood wound. It blocks our life force and sense of joy. Core Energetics helps us to bring this dynamic into consciousness and take responsibility, and offers ways to reconnect with our pleasure and YES to life. If you are considering to enter the 4-year professial traning or the 2-year personal transformation program, this day is for you! Led by Achiel van Tienen and Margo Bolenius.

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Weekend Workshop Joy of Life, Lust for Life | January 29 - 31, 2021 | Berlin, Germany | Language: German

(This workshop was originally scheduled in October 2020).
Lebensfreude und Lebenslust sind die Grundlagen unseres Lebens; sie lassen uns dynamisch, spontan, kreativ, zuversichtlich... sein. Wenn die Lebensfreude verloren geht und unser Lebensfluss stoppt, beginnt ein innerer Kampf. Wir werden missmutig, stellen uns in Frage und verspannen körperlich wie seelisch. In diesem Workshop wollen wir durch intensive Körperarbeit und Prozessarbeit in der Gruppe den Lebensfluss mobilisieren und falsche innere Überzeugungen und verborgene Emotionen freilegen, um authentisch mit sich und Anderen sein zu können. Leitung: Klaus Stinsoff  und Anna Timmermans.